MCL Fire dry riser services

It is vital that Dry Risers are well maintained and fully operational. Unfortunately, they are often neglected, or vandalized, with their glass security doors broken and the important valves inside damaged or inoperable. So it is essential to have the system checked on a regular basis, to ensure it can deliver high-pressure water to the right location, should a fire break out. 

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What we offer

Wet & Dry Riser Testing, Servicing, and Support.

The Importance of installing and maintaining a Wet and Dry Riser

A rising main is a system of pipework and valves intended for use by the Fire Service, allowing the easy delivery of water to all floors within a high-rise building. Eliminating the delays caused by firefighters having to drag fully charged hoses throughout tall buildings – they are a vital lifesaving solution. Usually fitted within a cabinet on each floor, they can either be permanently filled with water (Wet Riser) or left dry (Dry Riser).

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How Do The MCL Team Test, Service and Support Throughout This?

Testing of Risers

Wet and Dry Risers are often prone to neglect or vandalism resulting in damage / leaks which can cause the system to fail. In addition to the damage that leaks can cause to a building, there can be severe penalties should the system fail to operate correctly for the Fire Service. BS 5306 Part 1 – 1976 recommends Dry Risers are visually inspected every 6 months with a pressure test annually.

BS 5306 Part 1 – 1976 also recommends that Wet Risers receive a visual inspection every six months, have two electric pump inspection services each year and also at least one flow test per annum (if applicable).


servicing of risers

ML service and maintenance of  Wet and Dry Riser systems  includes:

  • Full comprehensive pressurised operating test of Dry Riser System
  • Full comprehensive flow test of Wet Riser System
  • Comprehensive check of general condition of Rising Main System
  • Check to confirm Inlets / Outlets are in good working condition and are free from  damage
  • Drain Dry Riser upon completion of test
  • Check to confirm cabinet doors and glass fronts are intact and free from damage
  • Ensure appropriate signs are in place and are free from damage
    Issue a Certificate of Inspection for your equipment and premises

Support through the process

MCL administration team will be here to help you along the way and during the process. If you have any questions regarding the maintenance or installation of your riser you can speak to one of our dedicated team members who will be overseeing your account.

You can also keep in touch with our riser team during the process when it comes to technical questions or certifications. You can find out more about the MCL team by clicking learn more.