Have you carried out your Fire Prevention Obligations?

For the past four years team building weekends have been a crucial part of the McL culture and a way to make sure the team are both enjoying their roles and the direction the company is going. It allows the team to build on their strengths while being rewarded for their hard work throughout the year. This year the team headed to Portugal with big blue adventures for a Coasteering weekend and you can check out the video here  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J62aVvNpyzE 

Taking an entire day away from the office for yourself and your staff could seem unthinkable. The cost and the missed work time might seem like a lavish expense and one you can do without. But in reality, team building exercises are something you can’t do without. They are a vital part of any company! Think about it as an investment. A team that doesn’t work well together or that isn’t engaged in their work could cost you business. Investing time and money into team building events and activities builds relationships and can lead to a more open and collaborative culture.

Team building activities sometimes get a bad rap. People are tired of sitting in a conference room playing awkward icebreaker games or being forced to do a trust fall on their co-workers. Don’t fall into the trap of cheesy team building games. Quality team building can be creative and fun! It’s a chance to let loose, try something new, and see your co-workers and employees in a new light. Today’s team building activities can be extreme, push employees to the limits, and create a fun environment that builds lasting memories

Team building also allows employees from different areas of the company to get to know each other. People can interact with colleagues they might not usually see. At a company-wide team building activity, employees from the marketing team can participate alongside members of the finance team. Long-term employees are next to interns, and it opens the doors for new friendships and work associations. Team building embraces diversity because it breaks down the silos of companies and lets everyone be equal.

Getting to know each other extends beyond just personal pleasantries. Team building is also a great networking tool. Most of today’s employees don’t spend their entire careers at the same company like their parents did, so chances are today’s co-workers will be tomorrow’s job references. Networking helps employees grow their own personal skills but also creates a web of people they can call on at any point in their career. These are the people who will help with career transitions and be the ones to get your foot in the door for your next job. Many people spend time going to tedious industry networking events, but team building activities make it easier to build a network from your current position.

People also tend to have a larger imagination when they are around people they are comfortable with. Successful team building events not only bring people closer together, but they also contribute to a more successful and creative workplace. Everyday workplace collaboration is key to a successful business.

These are just some of the key reasons why McL place such a emphases on these team building days and allow the team to be as actively involved as possible!