Have you carried out your Fire Prevention Obligations?

Fire Safety Signage Regulations

Fire signs are a crucial measure of communication when it comes to fire safety, they act as means of displaying key information in a time of crisis and ensure that everybody will have a clear understanding of what to do, no matter the language they speak. This is why The Health And Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations [Northern Ireland] 1996 states that Fire safety signs are:

  • Legal Requirement for business to provide fire safety signage.
  • Legal Requirement for directional arrows and figures on evacuation signage.
  • “fire safety sign” means a sign (including an illuminated sign or an acoustic signal) which—
               (i) Provides information on escape routes and emergency exits in case of fire;
               (ii) Provides information on the identification or location of fire-fighting equipment; or
               (iii) Gives warning in the case of fire;


Click here to be redirected to the legisattion.gov page going into detail on the regulations regarding Fire safety signage.

The MCL & Everlux Signage Range

Click on any of the 4 Everlux buttons below to be brought to a PDF catalogue which you can download or save for later viewing.

Everlux Photoluminescent Signs Fire safety and evacuation signs. 

Low location level lighting

Low-Level Location signage, perfect for identifying escape routes in a smoke-filled room (Pg.78 – 95).

Maritime Signage, Tough durable photoluminescent signage for maritime vessels.

Everlux Excellence Range, Luxurious photoluminescent signs for office and deluxe spaces.

Photoluminescent strength

photoluminescent signage strength comparison 1

Side By side comparison with traditional white fire sign.

photoluminescent signage strength comparison 2

Lower light levels, 10 minute period.

photoluminescent signage strength comparison 3

Blackout, 30 minute peroid.

photoluminescent signage strength comparison 4

Blackout, 60 minute period.

photoluminescent signage strength comparison 5

Blackout, 90 minute period.

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