MCL Fire Info Day 2023

We held two suppression masterclasses, this year. Which ran on the 9th and 10th of May 2023. Each day consisted of a series of talks and demonstrations. On the first day we held it at the infamous Crumlin Road Gaol. As a result of our continued growth down south our second day served well with it being held at Dublin’s iconic Croke Park.

For the event we had a few guest speakers including John Hunt, Hadrian Garner and Tony Hanley. As well as Brendon Kavanagh who give an insightful speech on fire protection at Croke Park. Each of these speakers represented different companies with the fire safety industry who specialize in suppression. The companies being represented are Ansul, Plumis and FirePro.

The Suppression Talks

After all the formalities of the day were ironed out, John Hunt kicked us off with an informative talk on the Ansul System. After the talk concluded, we had a short networking session in Belfast. In Dublin our attendees received a talk from Brendon Kavanagh a well-respected fire industry expert. To follow suit was Hadrian Garner, who delivered a talk on behalf of Plumis, with the talked being centred around their automist system. The final talk of the day was in the hands of Tony Hanley and FirePro, who helped bring a very informative day of suppression talks to a close.

The Demonstrations

However, the day wasn’t over with 2 demonstrations and a panel discussion still to come. The demonstrations of both Belfast and Dublin consisted of a portable test system being used to illustrate how the Ansul and FirePro system worked. This was done by having wooden chunks set alight within an encased area. Firstly, we had the Ansul system, which ignited when a cord was pulled and a low pH liquid fire suppressant was released, putting out the fire. For FirePro once the wood was ignited a button was pressed condensed aerosol was released putting out the fire.

Lastly, to round off the days we held a panel discussion where it gives the attendees a chance to ask any longing question, they might have for any of our quest speakers. All in all, both days appeared to be well received by those who attended. In truth this event wouldn’t have been possible without our guest speakers, so a special thanks to them. For helping to create a day that was very informative.

Thanks for reading, to learn more about suppression systems, check out our website or send us an email.