Why is fire safety important for the Manufacturing and industrial sector?

Northern Ireland has Vibrant and highly sophisticated manufacturing and engineering sector. In recent years employment in the NI, manufacturing sector has grown more than four times faster than in the rest of the UK. Manufacturing accounts for 11% of employment and over 15% of GVA, making it a vital sector in the NI economy. Due to the nature of the manufacturing industry, fires are a likely occurrence as there can be a mixture of flammable materials, chemicals or fuels meaning if a fire occurs it may develop quickly and could be catastrophic causing thousands in damages and delaysAs this sector grows and NI’s Industrial sector evolves it is vital that organisations are equipped with the correct equipment and regulatory knowledge to minimise their fire risk. 



How can we help?

Due to this, we understand the challenge and importance of fire safety officers in these volatile environments and provide our support in a number of areas. With over 40 years of experience, we are the go-to people for conducting fire risk assessments and ensuring you are fully compliant with the regulations. We supply effective and reliable signage, effective training, servicing of a wide range of fire extinguishers and alarms. Lastly, we are partnered with industry leaders such as FirePro and Kidde who offer a wide range of retrofittable fire suppression solutions


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