As part of our commitment to help increase awareness of the dangers of fire, the harm they can cause especially to a business and what to do in the event of an emergency we are offering free Fire Warden Training for one individual in your business.

Each week in September we will bring 10 individuals from different firms together to take part and become a fully trained Fire Warden for your business for free a course which would normally cost upward of £300 pound!

This course is for specific employees who have been delegated to assist their employer by fulfilling the role of Fire Warden (or Fire Marshall). Fire Wardens perform a critical role in your business. To reduce the risk of fire they may be asked to identify potential fire hazards. In the event of a fire they may be asked to help ensure the safe evacuation of staff / customers from your premises. This course is designed to help Fire Wardens learn and understand their role and responsibilities within current fire safety legislation. This interactive course is a combination of theory and ‘hands on’ practical experience using portable firefighting equipment on a fire, utilising a safe fire training rig (gas fuelled)

If you or a member of your business would be interested in taking part please contact with your name, business and if you have any other previous training!