Cadets are young people between 14 – 17 years of age who meet weekly to learn about fire safety in the home, basic fire fighting skills and first aid. Cadets typically stay for 2 – 3 years with many applying for a career in the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service in either a Wholetime or Retained capacity once they have finished .
Becoming a fire fighter is a difficult task, it is hoped that the Cadet Schemes improve the chances and proficiency of young people who wish to apply for the job in the future. For the last 10 years MCL have been proud to attend the Lisburn Fire Cadets end of year show to allow the cadets and their family members to get a chance to use a fire extinguisher in different scenarios that they would find in their home and also get a brief training on what to do in the event of an emergency.
In partnership with Checkfire this year we were also delighted to be able to give away a free foam fire extinguisher to each of the cadets and trainers at the show to show our appreciation for the work the cadets do throughout the year and the time they put in to make sure our communities and homes are kept safe.
The scheme, which has been running for over 15 years aims at encouraging teamwork, communication skills and confidence in a dynamic working environment. The Cadets are mentored by volunteer NIFRS Firefighters, as well as non-operational staff and civilian leaders who provide their expertise and experience in their free time.