Dry Riser Servicing Belfast Northern Ireland

Dry Riser Servicing Belfast Northern Ireland

Dry Risers and wet risers are a system of pipework utilised by the fire brigade to quickly get water in the event of a fire breaking out. The pipes in dry risers are empty and are only filled with water by fire fighters when they arrive. Fire fighters will connect the pump outlet in one of their appliances to the dry riser inlet.

Water is then drawn from the nearest public fire hydrant (fed by the water supplier’s service main) and this is pressurised by the fire pump to provide water at the correct flow and pressure for firefighting operations at the relevant floor level.

To put it simply if you are in a building or high rise residential building Dry Risers are the thing that will save your life in the event of the emergency as it allows the Fire Brigade to do their job and without proper maintenance and installation of one there could be real trouble



Servicing of Dry Risers

MCL have a dedicated dry riser division team that will be on call for all your maintenance needs. Maintenance of Dry

Risers will be included:

  • Dry risers are required to have a 6 monthly visual check,
  • Every 12 months a water test should be carried out to 12 bar for 15 minutes.

This is a legal requirement dictated by BS9990:2015 which is the British Standard that details requirements for dry riser testing and maintenance in the UK.


Testing of the Dry Riser

Regarding the testing of the Dry riser during maintenance, the system should be completely charged with water to a pressure equal to its design operating pressure measured at the inlet for a period of at least 15 minutes.

During this period, an inspection of the system should be made to check whether there is any leakage of water at any of the joints or landing valves.

If any leaks are identified, appropriate remedial action should be taken, and the system should be retested.



Dry Riser Servicing Belfast, Northern Ireland

Our Services:

  • Full supplied Installation
  • Test on water to 12 bar & certificated commission
  • Bi-annual inspection
  • Annual Service & Maintenance


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